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Your Hosts David and Marianne

Your hosts
David and Marianne your hosts

David is a retired pediatrician from Australia. His deep passion for the rich history of Cold Spring, particularly the legacy of the West Point Foundry and the Kemble brothers blossomed after he and Marianne purchased and restored “The Cottage” in 2017. Through meticulous research David has delved into the intricate past of the village and its industrial significance during the 19th century. He continues to work to preserve the historical narrative of Cold Spring and its pivotal role in American history by giving more than 100 history tours a year.

Marianne, on the other hand, is half French half American and grew up in Vienna, Austria. She worked as a pediatrician with Doctors Without Borders, where her expertise was invaluable in crisis zones. She also serves as a camp doctor, blending her medical skills with her love for the outdoors. An avid hiker and skier, Marianne extends her passion for nature by teaching wilderness medicine, equipping others with the knowledge to handle medical emergencies in remote environments. Together, David and Marianne embody a dynamic blend of professional excellence and adventurous spirit, each contributing uniquely to their fields and communities.

David and Marianne look forward to hosting you in their beautiful historic bed and breakfast.

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